Acta Salensia



In addition to Bibliotheca Salensis, in 2009 association “Academia Salensis“ and the Philological Faculty of Vilnius University launched a new series of books Acta Salensia aimed at presentation of original research studies, i.e. collections of articles and monographs. The studies resulted from theoretical discussions held at the linguistic summer schools in Salos; they represent trends in research undertaken by the participants of the summer schools and convey the atmosphere in which the school participants worked in Salos, marked by readiness to accept the progress in global linguistics, openness to novelties in search of new theoretical solutions.

Acta Salensia
ISSN 2029-2880
Edenda curant:

Axel Holvoet, Gina Kavaliūnaitė,
Rolandas Mikulskas, Antanas Smetona


Tomus II

plungian1Nicole Nau, Norbert Ostrowski (eds.)
Particles and Connectives in Baltic

Design and layout Giedrė Mikulskaitė-Voronko
Typesetting Audronė Stanislovaitienė

Vilnius: Vilniaus universitetas, Asociacija „Academia Salensis", 2010, 221 page
ISSN 2029-2880; ISBN 978-609-95126-1-7

Published with the support of The Lithuanian Science Council

The studies in this volume offer new insights on particles, subordinating and coordinating conjunctions, and complementizers in Lithuanian and Latvian. Questions of investigation are the origin and development of these elements, the detailed description of their meaning, their functions in discourse, syntactic characteristics, and implications for lexicography.

Published with the support of
Tʜᴇ Lɪᴛʜᴜᴀɴɪᴀɴ Sᴄɪᴇɴᴄᴇ Cᴏᴜɴᴄɪʟ

Tomus I

Axel Holvoet, Rolandas Mikulskas (eds.)
Gramatinių funkcijų prigimtis ir raiška (The Nature and Expression of Grammar Functions.)

Edited by Daiva Mikulskienė
Artistic design by Giedrė Mikulskaitė-Voronko
Text layout by Audronė Stanislovaitienė

Vilnius: Vilnius University, Association "Academia Salensis", 2009, 220 p.

ISSN 2029-2880; ISBN 978-9955-33-466-8

The publication was supported by the Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation.

This collection of articles is based on papers presented at the Grammar section of the Salos Summer School of Linguistics and  Grammar Conference (Academia Grammaticorum Salensis Quinta – 2008). The articles deal with grammatical functions, their semantic foundations and morphosyntactic coding, as approached from different theoretical perspectives. The volume is intended for linguists interested in theoretical grammar.