The aim of the Salos summer school is to provide the participants with the possibility to get information about bs_logothe most recent linguistic trends and schools. Listening to lectures delivered by representatives of such trends and schools is an exciting and useful experience to the participants; furthermore, the material prepared by the lecturers is deemed to be of enormous importance both to those who heard the lectures and to a wider linguistic audience of researchers, linguist lecturers, teachers and students. The organisers have therefore initiated the publication of Bibliotheca Salensis series in small pocket-sized books, with each volume containing an introduction into or an overview of a certain linguistic field discussed in Salos.



Bibliotheca Salensis
ISSN 1822-3257
Edenda curant:

Axel Holvoet, Gina Kavaliūnaitė Holvoet,
Rolandas Mikulskas (from II t.), Artūras Judžentis (I-II t.)





In addition to Bibliotheca Salensis, in 2009 association “Academia Salensis“ and the Philological Faculty of VilniusLGA University launched a new series of books Acta Salensia aimed at presentation of original research studies, i.e. collections of articles and monographs. The studies resulted from theoretical discussions held at the linguistic summer schools in Salos; they represent trends in research undertaken by the participants of the summer schools and convey the atmosphere in which the school participants worked in Salos, marked by readiness to accept the progress in global linguistics, openness to novelties in search of new theoretical solutions.



Acta Salensia
ISSN 2029-2880
Edenda curant:

Axel Holvoet, Gina Kavaliūnaitė,
Rolandas Mikulskas, Antanas Smetona