Acta Salensia


In addition to the previously launched Bibliotheca Salensis series, in 2009 the Academia Salensis Association, together with the Faculty of Philology of Vilnius University, started publishing the Acta Salensia book series. It publishes original scientific works, both collections of articles and monographs. These works have their origins in the theoretical discussion in the linguistics summer schools in Salos, reflect the current research directions of the participants of these schools, and are filled with the spirit of our summer schools, which is characterised by an openness to the world of linguistics, a desire for constant renewal and the search for new theoretical solutions.

Acta Salensia
ISSN 2029-2880

Edenda curant:
Axel Holvoet, Gina Kavaliūnaitė,
Rolandas Mikulskas, Antanas Smetona