Typology of Grammatical Categories, Vol. 1

Vladimir Plungian
Gramatinių kategorijų tipologija. (Typology of Grammatical Categories.) Volume One

Translated into Lithuanian from Russian manuscript by Jurgis Pakerys
Edited by Daiva Mikulskienė
Artistic design by Giedrė Mikulskaitė-Voronko
Text layout by Audronė Stanislovaitienė

Vilnius: Vilnius University, Association “Academia Salensis”, 2010, 272 p.,
ISSN 1822-3257; ISBN 978-609-95126-3-1.

The publication was supported by the Lithuanian Government, Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation, Research Council of Lithuania.

The book gives an overview of morphosyntactic typology, which is an important part of linguistic typology. The author presents an original insight into the issues in question and gives a possibility to the reader to get familiar with the general introduction to this intensely developing domain of linguistic studies. The first volume comprises the general theoretical and terminological sections and as well as the first part of the section dealing with grammatical meaning in the world’s languages, viz. the chapters dealing with nominal categories. The second volume will focus on voice, deictic and shift categories, semantic verb zones.

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Review by Rolandas Mikulskas

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