Essentials of General Syntax

Axel Holvoet
Bendrosios sintaksės pagrindai. (Essentials of General Syntax.)

Scientific editor: Benita Riaubienė
Artistic design by Giedrė Mikulskaitė
Text layout by Audronė Stanislovaitienė

 2009. Vilnius: Vilnius University & Association “Academia Salensis”. 184 p.
ISBN: 978-609-95126-0-0

The publication was supported by the Research Council of Lithuania.

The author focuses on the basic concepts of syntactic analysis: syntactic dependence and sand structure, morphosyntactic relations (combination and subjugation), interrelations between syntactic and morphosyntactic links, heads and dependencies (basic and dependable components), syntactic relations and grammatic functions, word group and sentence. The author also dwells on the basic theoretical hypotheses underlying syntactic analysis.


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