Academia Grammaticorum Salensis Vigesima

The 20th Salos Summer School of Linguistics Academia Grammaticorum Salensis Vigesima will be held between July 23 and 29 in Salos, Rokiškis District. The topics of lectures and papers will centre around research problems related to the Baltic languages.

This year the school is funded by the Lithuanian Academic Scheme for International Cooperation in Baltic Studies. 15 attendants from centres of Baltic studies and 15 participants from Lithuanian educational institutions will have all costs of travel, accommodation and board covered from this project. If you are applying for a fully funded spot, please tell us in the registration form what motivates you to attend the Salos Summer School, since the funds are limited.

A list of the centres of Baltic studies can be found here: https://baltnexus.lt/lt/baltistikos-projektas 

For attendants not delegated by centres of Baltic studies the participation fee is 120 EUR (100 EUR for members of the association “Academia Salensis” as well as for graduate and undergraduate students). However, there might be a possibility to get the participation fee, as well as travel costs reimbursed. Please contact us for more information!

Registration is open until July 1.

As usual, attendants will have a possibility to present papers based on their research.

Registration link:


Should you have any questions, please write an email to gina.holvoet@flf.vu.lt

Information will be regularly updated on our homepage and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/academiasalensis


– Miina Norvik (University of Tartu)
1. Uralic and Baltic languages in new large-scale databases.
2. Some insights into the (morpho)syntax of the southern Finnic languages in their areal context.
– Norbert Ostrowski (Jagiellonian University of Krakow)
1. OLith. tas-jau/-jag/-jan ‘precisely there’ and OLith. dabar ‘all the time’ (Opr. dabber ‘all the time’), or what historical syntax can contribute to etymology
2. Conditional subordinators in Baltic and Slavic
– Lidia Federica Mazzitelli (University of Cologne)
1. Predicative possession in the languages of the Circum-Baltic area.
2. Impersonal constructions in Baltic and Slavic.
– Eitan Grossman (University of Jerusalem)
1. Incorporation.

Further topics will be announced soon!


Attendants of the summer school will be accommodated in the Salos manor, in the same building where the lectures are held. The number of available rooms is limited, so attendants will have to share rooms. The number of beds per room ranges from 2 to 10. The rooms are plain but clean and kept in order. Toilets and showers are shared.

There is a café in the manor, but full board (three meals daily) is provided by the organizers (the cost is included in the attendance fee). The food is simple yet tasty, rooted in the local cuisine and prepared with care and dedication by the local women of Salos, who have embraced this role as a beloved tradition. When completing the registration form please indicate whether you have any special dietary requirements. There are two shops in the village where you can buy sweets, snacks, and drinks.


Salos manor is situated in Rokiškis District, about 150 km from Vilnius (find it on Google Maps).

A bus will be provided for those heading to Salos from Vilnius. It will depart from Vilnius University on Sunday, July 23, and return to Vilnius on Saturday, July 29.

You can follow us on social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram) and take a look at some photos from last year’s conference here. Click here for some photos of the Salos manor.