We are glad to announce this year’s invited speakers for the Salos summer school:

Miina Norvik (University of Tartu)
1. Uralic and Baltic languages in new large-scale databases.
2. Some insights into the (morpho)syntax of the southern Finnic languages in their areal context.
Norbert Ostrowski (Jagiellonian University of Krakow)
1. OLith. tas-jau/-jag/-jan ‘precisely there’ and OLith. dabar ‘all the time’ (Opr. dabber ‘all the time’), or what historical syntax can contribute to etymology
2. Conditional subordinators in Baltic and Slavic
Lidia Federica Mazzitelli (University of Cologne)
1. Predicative possession in the languages of the Circum-Baltic area.
2. Impersonal constructions in Baltic and Slavic.
Eitan Grossman (University of Jerusalem)
1. Incorporation.

Please stay tuned for the updated programme of the summer school and conference!

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